Donation Opportunities

There are many donation opportunities at Temple Israel.

The minimum donation amount is $10. If you make a donation of $25 or more, a special card with a beautiful color picture of the sanctuary will be sent. Leaves on the Tree of Memory are $150, plaques on the Tree of Life are $200 and plaques on our Pet Memorial Board are $75.

You may also make a donation of a prayer book in honor of someone or a special occasion, or in memory of someone. Available prayer books are the Daily Minyan Prayerbook for $50 (not available at this time), the Bond of Life – A Prayerbook for Mourners for $25, the Siddur Sim Shalom for $50 or the Etz Hayim Chumash for $75. When you donate a prayer book, a card is send acknowledging the donation and a book plate is placed in the book which then joins the books in use at Temple Israel.

Here are funds available for donations:

  • Building Fund
  • Chumash Fund
  • Harry Cohen Mahzor Fund
  • Cantor Isaac Danker Music Fund
  • Education Fund
  • Endowment Fund
  • Cokey and Libby Fox Minyan Ark Fund
  • Hoffman-Chovitz College Assistance Fund
  • Kiddush Fund
  • Mazon – The Jewish Response to Hunger
  • Minyan Fund
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
  • Dr. Harry Austryn Snyder Tikkun Torah Fund
  • Mike and Jeanne Stadler Tzedakah Fund
  • Hyman B. Swartz Library Fund
  • Temple Fund
  • Youth Fund

Create a Jewish Legacy

Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key duties is to make the world a better place for future generations. Chances are you already donate generously, but have you considered including the Temple in your will so you can continue to make a difference for generations to come? After you have thought about the needs of your family, think about the concept of sharing a portion of your assets with Temple Israel – either now or in the future.

Live on and inspire future generations of Jews with a legacy gift. Planning this gift now will secure the education of our children, make certain our elderly will always be cared for, and assure that the Jewish traditions and culture we hold dear will live on and flourish. Whether you use a will or other estate planning vehicle, your generosity can do a world of good. Start the conversation about how you can help Temple Israel continue to thrive in the future. Call members of the Endowment Committee Leigh Baltuch: 757-627-6130 or Richard Saunders: 757-467-5885 or Lawrence Fleder: 757-623-1062, ext.13 and start this rewarding process today.

We at Temple Israel are incredibly grateful for your generous donation.

“Tzedakah” is one of the most important of Jewish concepts. It teaches that by sharing our good fortune, we actualize the ideal of living righteously. By means of tzedakah, we can honor the living or remember the deceased for blessing. These are time-honored traditions, still meaningful today.
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