[Note from Rabbi Panitz: Amidst the growing scandal of sexual improprieties brought to the attention of the American public in the past month, a still-more disturbing subset of accusations of adult men behaving improperly with children and teens calls for special attention. We have seen Christian religious fundamentalists quoting selectively from the pre-modern texts in their religious tradition, to defend their political favorites. The following article, while a few years old, speaks to our own day. In careful and non-polemical analysis, it shows how the definition of the proper age for women to marry was once lower, but that as Jews, we ought to insist that only adults marry, and certainly that women, let alone girls, not be forced into marriage.] Please click the link below to access the article.

** Child marriage? | Shmuly Yanklowitz | The Blogs | The Times of Israel (https://templeisraelva.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=483892614cb7718af81d3231b&id=efee6e4e63&e=0defe36426)

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