From Rabbi

Jan.6, 2022

On the anniversary of the Capitol desecration of Jan. 6, 2021, I would ask you to read the following sobering statistics (source: Southern Poverty Law Center)--- Rabbi M. Panitz


> Hate groups in 2020:3.84 per million people (total: 33)

> Largest hate group headquartered in state: Wolves of Vinland

Among the 33 hate groups active in Virginia in 2020, the most frequently represented ideology was white nationalism -- those who believe "white identity should be the organizing principle" for Western countries, per the SPLC. White nationalists also frequently advocate for policies that would ensure white people make up the majority of an area.

The number of active hate groups nationwide declined from over 1,000 in 2011 to 838 in 2020. Yet in Virginia, the number of such groups declined by just one over that time -- from 34 to 33. The state's rank by number of hate groups per capita rose from 17th in 2011 to seventh in 2020.