We at Temple Israel join in the expression of communal sorrow on the untimely passing of Rabbi Reuven Tzvi Bauman, who was lost at sea yesterday. Rabbi Bauman was an accomplished Torah scholar, often contributing messages of learning and righteous living at his home congregation, B'nai Israel. He was a popular and effective educator at the Toras Chayyim yeshivah.

Many Jewish search and rescue organizations from across the Northeast region of our country converged on Virginia Beach to assist in the humanitarian effort. We are grateful for their tireless efforts. Alas, as of now, over 24 hours since the rabbi's disappearance in the waters off of False Cape, the Coast Guard has announced that efforts have shifted from rescue to recovery.

May the Author of all consolation be with the relatives and dear ones of Rabbi Bauman, to help them to find healing in the course of their bereavement.

We say to those directly affected by this tragedy: min ha-shamayim t'nuchamu-- may you find consolation from Heaven.

Dr. Michael Panitz
Rabbi, Temple Israel of Norfolk, VA

Jonathan Longman
President, Temple Israel of Norfolk, VA