Patricia Sarah Ashkenazi Religious School

Patricia Sarah Ashkenazi Religious School

is a proud partnership of Congregation Beth El, Temple Israel and Kehilat Beit Ha-midrash. Our primary goal is to prepare the young generation to carry on Judaism in the 21st century. We have developed a pioneering Montessori-based program for students from 3 years old to 12th grade:

Chaye Sarah (Sundays, 9 am-12 noon) introduces children from 3 years old through 7th grade to Torah, mitzvot, prayers and blessings, rituals, Hebrew, Israel, Jewish history and more. Students learn in multi age classes and with hands-on Montessori Judaica materials.

United Hebrew School 2.0 is a midweek individual tutoring program which guides students to the deep meanings and beauty of liturgical Hebrew.

The Community Midrashah (Sundays, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm) invites teens from 8th through 12th grade to deal with real world questions of Judaism and Jewish life.

Almost all of our teachers and tutors are professional educators dedicated to their own continuous Jewish learning. An enthusiastic team of teenage assistants provides our students with role models of how to grow up as young Americans Jews.

Contact information:
Head of school: Dr. Eran Livni
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(757) 625-7821