Conversion to Judaism

Studying for Conversion

The Holy One, Blessed be God, loves gerim (converts) greatly

Gerut (conversion) is a challenging and powerful process. While it requires strong dedication and soul-searching, the results are extraordinary. Those who choose Judaism often become among the most dedicated and involved members of the Jewish community.

At Temple Israel gerut follows a period of preparation of at least a year in length. This process involves more than simply studying about Judaism. We are a family so during this period, the prospective Jew-by-Choice participates in the life of the synagogue for a cycle of the year and takes part in the Jewish community. As you build your knowledge and strengthen your ties to the community, you are also deepening your personal commitment and relationship with God, Torah and the Jewish people.

The conversion is solemnified by having the prepared student meet with a Beit Din, (a kindly panel of at least three clergy). Then the Jew-by-choice goes to the Mikvah for a ritual immersion. For males conversion also include b’rit milah (circumcision, or if the male is already circumcised, there is a milder ritual.)

We look forward to working with you as you explore Jewish life. For more information on conversion, please contact Rabbi Panitz.

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