Virtual Shabbat Booklet & Shabbat Services Info for April 3rd & 4th


Daily Morning Worship Services via Zoom starting Sunday, March 29th at 8:00 am

Beginning Sunday, March 29th, Rabbi Panitz will have a morning worship service, via Zoom, from 8:00 am - 8:25 am.

All necessary information is listed below to allow you to  join the service. Technically this is not a minyan service because there will not be 10 people physically in any one room, but Rabbi Panitz will read the El Malei prayer at the time of the kaddish so that mourners have a moment dedicated to the mempry of their loved one. As is our practice in our minyan services, if you would like to speak about your loved one during this moment, please do so!

Go to (link is in blue above this text) just before 8:00 am, click "Join a Meeting," and then enter the following information:

Meeting ID


Meeting Password


Virtual Shabbat Booklet to accompany Shabbat Services on YouTube for March 20 and 21


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Links to our first virtual Shabbat Services - March 20 & 21

Here are the two links for our first virtual Shabbat Service.

Please click on the first link to see Rabbi Panitz and Chazzan David Proser chant the Friday evening prayers:


Please click on the second link to see the Torah commentary and a sermon.


We hope you enjoy our virtual Shabbat services and we hope this helps you stay connected to your Temple Israel family during these difficult times.