Men’s Club

The Men’s Club is an integral part of Temple Israel, supporting the Sunday School, Temple Projects, and Temple Life. Among out activities, we have:

  • Organized the twice-yearly Red Cross blood drive.
  • Regularly hosted Sunday brunches with featured speakers of local and national interest.
  • Put up the Temple’s Sukkah each fall and helped others, including the Rabbi with theirs.
  • Grilled and served the back-to-school cookouts, as well as cookouts for Sukkot, Lag B’Omer and hosted Mothers’ Day Brunches.
  • Manned Chanukah and Purim Carnivals.
  • Taken on fix-em-up projects for the The Temple.
  • Arranged outings to the sports events.
  • Hosted local programs for the World Wide Wrap, and helped newbies learn to lay tefillin.
The Men’s club is here to support the Temple by promoting Jewish fellowship and service.