Temple Israel Board


Temple Israel Officers and Board of Directors
2018 - 2020


  • President - Jonathan Longman
  • Vice President for Administration - Steven Legum
  • Vice President for Education and Young Families – Steve Becker
  • Vice President for Fundraising and Membership –
  • Vice President for Community and Outreach - Eitan Mor
  • Treasurer - Paula Gordon
  • Secretary – Lenny Levine

Board of Directors

Completing Second Year of a Two-Year Term
Juanita Balk
Lois Einhorn
Lew Greenhouse
Ted Kruger
Ellie Lipkin
Shannon Ponack
Mark Solberg
Stan Tickton
Richard Yanku

Beginning of New Two-Year Term
Bobbie Fisher
Reece Livingston
Linda Longman
Melissa Miles
Andy Rabiner
Shirley Confino-Rehder
Bob Seltzer
Larry Stein
Cantor Lawrence Tiger
Marcie Waranch