Picture of one of the walls of Yahrzeit plaques

Yahrzeit Plaques

Express Loving Memory

yahrzeit plaque is a permanent reminder of the place the departed loved one held in our lives. The cost of such a plaque, which includes the person’s Hebrew and English names and Hebrew and English yahrzeit date is $300.  All yahrzeit plaques are lighted on the anniversary of the person’s death, when their name is read before we recite Kaddish. The plaques are also lighted when yitzkor is observed on Yom Kippur, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah, during the seventh day of Pesach and on Shavuot. To order a yahrzeit plaque for your loved one, please call the Temple office at  489-4550.


Tree of Life Plaques – Honor Great Occasions

A wall of plaques celebrating happy events

The walls of the beautiful Evelyn Eisenberg Atrium are decorated with walls of honor. A wonderful way to pay tribute to a worthy loved one, friend or mentor is to purchase a Leaf for the Tree of Life  for $200, or a plaque for the Tree of Memory for $150. To order such a plaque,call the Temple office at (757) 489-4550.plaque honoring a bat mitzvah

Honor Roll

wall of big plaques

Additionally, we have an Honor Roll wall commemorating large and sustaining donations to the synagogue, in gratitude for gifts ranging from $1000 to $75,000.