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וְשִׁנַּנְתָּם לְבָנֶיךָ וְדִבַּרְתָּ בָּם
V'shinan'tam l'vanekha v'dibar'ta bam
. . . and you shall teach them diligently to your children, and you shall speak of them. . .


Norfolk’s Friendly, Affordable Synagogue

Welcoming all, Temple Israel offers a lively meeting place for hundreds of individuals and families in Southeastern Virginia.

Join us as we celebrates the fullness of Jewish life together. Our building is handicapped-accessible and we are sensitive to the needs of those with disabilities.

We are warm in our gratitude to the service of military families, and make extra efforts to accommodate the spiritual life of those deployed to this area for however long or short a time.  Part of our welcoming attitude is reflected in the affordable dues structure which offers discounts to enlisted service personnel.

Join us for engaging holiday and Shabbat worship. Want to learn more Hebrew or to get an understanding of interesting elements of Jewish history or of  Talmud? We have free classes. Want to learn to chant Torah or Esther or sections from the Prophets? If you do you will be joining a band of folks who have enjoyed mastering those challenges in recent years. All aspects of temple life are open, to provide you with opportunities for personal growth and leadership skills.

Enjoy entertaining musical programs and take part in fulfilling social action projects, take classes, enjoy social get-togethers. Send your youngsters to our award-winning school, staffed with professional teachers. Our school goes beyond books and music and paper arts, to off the only ceramics program and archaeology program  of any synagogue we know of.

Want a low-stress way to celebrate your birthday or an important anniversary with friends? Let Shabbat be your occasion for gathering your dear ones. Bask in the rabbi’s blessing on the bima and enjoy the good wishes of everyone at kiddush luncheon.

Temple Israel is, in the words of our mission statement, “a vibrant, egalitarian Conservative, Jewish congregation, striving to meet the spiritual needs of a diverse membership.”  Or in the words of one of the first graders, “It’s the fun place. It’s where I  see my friends.”

Feel free to visit us any Shabbat morning for prayer and fellowship, or any morning or afternoon for daily minyan. Morning minyan is at 7:30 on weekdays, 9 on Sundays and 9:30 on Shabbat. Evening minyan is at 5:30 every day except Shabbat, when the time depends on sunset.

For information on membership and programs, consult this site or contact the Temple Office at 757-489-4550 or via email [email protected].